If it’s Wowble! it’s WOW!

The most amazing, fun and healthy drink

In Wowble! you can enjoy their bubble drinks, a creative and non-alcoholic cocktail with toppings that explode in the mouth. They are unique, they are healthy, they are fun, they are … Wow!

Wowble is bubble drink: a fruity experience!

A new and hilarious drink that sweeps around the world…

  • More than 100 possible combinations

    Made to the moment, you choose the base, the flavor and the toppings of your drink so that you can personalize it according to your tastes

  • The most explosive toppings

    Bobas, a balls filled with juice, ascend by an extra large straw and explode in your mouth

  • Perfect for you

    Prepared at the moment, bubble drinks are made with high quality ingredients: vegetable or skim milk, natural fruit, top-class tea...

  • There's still more!!

    In the kitchen of Wowble! we do not stop trying, to investigate and to discover new flavors to extend the menu and to surprise you with new creations

Wowble! take care of yourself

Wowble bubble drinks! they are nutritious and healthy

All drinks are made with top quality ingredients and contain great benefits for our body. They are low in fat, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and low calorie.

Ready to enjoy a fruity experience?